Our Team

Yoshida Consulting was created in 2016 in paper, but in 2003 in spirit. After experiencing first hand the limitations given by a clash of cultures, Minue Yoshida, an immigrant from Mexico City, soon realized that there is much to be done in the matter of empowering others to realize their full potential and be better than themselves, much to be taught in the matter of public speaking, much to be shared in the matter of personal motivation, and much to be spoken in the matter of Diversity and Inclusion. With the help of friends and family, people that trusted her capacity and good intentions, a multidisciplinary group was formed.

Our Consulting Firm is honored to have you visiting our page today and we thank you for the opportunity of getting to know more about us. We hope you let us know more about you by signing our guest page and giving us your permission to send you our newsletter and keep you posted of any new programs, adventures or ideas.

Our Vision

To become the consulting firm of choice for any individual or company looking to reach out to the next level, whatever this might be, from Leadership Programs that create a legacy, to preparing individuals to deliver Presidential Speeches. Our vision is clear, while some people a cat, we see a lion.

Our Mission

To help others find their own light, and help them shine, on their own. We do this by igniting the flame that exists within each of us and remind us that WE CAN and WE WILL. Our mission is to help everyone be as extraordinary as they can be.

Our Culture

Everything we do is based on the Kaizen principle: the concept of continuous improvement. We believe the true merit is to be better than one self, every day.