The Confident Public Speaker

This year we launched our public speaking basic program in New York City. We were hosted by HBO through their Employee Resource Group “Alianza”, and we had Time Warner supporting us as well. We also ran a session at Univision and trust me… it went beyond public speaking and converted into life coaching. 

The Program had a duration of six sessions in total and it was an amazing experience! 

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Session 1: Confidence Starts with YOU

It was great to see our participants spend some time exploring, recognizing and then declaring who they are, what they want, what they´ve made of and what they want.

Once you have a solid basis established, anxiety and nervousness of speaking in front of others tend to decrease.


Session 2: Effective and Efficient Communication

it´s not only what you say, but how you say it. Verbal and non-verbal communication get together to help you convey your message. Did you know about 80% of what we communicate is through body language?

Participants learned about what to do with their hands and their feet, how to keep the best posture, how to command their space and many other nice tricks to show respect to the audience and align their voice and message together.


Session 3: How to be Engaging, Relevant and Memorable 

Because nobody wants to fall asleep during a presentation!

Our participants learned about the principles of Adult Learning, how to keep a session entertaining and mostly how to convey relevant and memorable content… converting the topic into an experience.

Here’s a tip: the more you engage the senses, the better the learning experience!


Session 4: Available Resources 

From the projector to an activity, to the easel and back to the whiteboard… knowing how to juggle through the resources is an art.

Even the handouts have a perfect timing…if you give them too soon, you lose people’s attention, if you give them too late, then… too late and you’ll have everyone taking notes like crazy during your session, instead of paying attention.

Minue’s Pet Peeve: please, I beg you, DO NOT stand in front of the projector light. Thank you.


Session 5: Learning the Skill Set that defines Confidence 

Dealing with fears and how to transform them into an internal force, into something constructive.

We discover the principles of our FEAR TRANSFORMATION ™ system.

Because fear is always there, so why fight it? Fears are to be recognized, accepted and embraced. 


Session 6: Constructive Feedback & Graduation

Our participants are now Confident Public Speakers, ready to tell the world WHO ARE THEY AND WHAT THEY DO in a memorable, relevant and yes, confident, way.

The transformation was noticeable in all cases… we had fun, we learned from each other, we discovered new talents and strengths… and we learned how to overcome our barriers.


What’s after this?

The Confident Public Speaker – Intermediate and then Advanced! 

Stay tuned for more.

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