We help you recognize your talents and strengths so you can use them to become a better version of yourself. We help you develop and continue to grow your leadership skills while being authentic and leveraging your multicultural background and preferences. 

If you need to speak in public, we help you become the best, and if you want to learn skills to sell more, to find a better career opportunity, to network and establish meaningful relationships with others, to develop your leadership skills we’ll help you as well.

We don’t empower anyone, we just remind them of how powerful they already are. 


What we do

Keynote Speaking Engagements 

Keynote Speaker Openings, Closings, Platform Speaker Presentations and Interactive Sessions. From 15 minutes to 5 hours (or more).

If you are looking for engagement and connection with the audience, you are in the right place.

To book Minué Yoshida for your next event, send us an email to info@yoshidaconsulting.com


Public Speaking Coaching

From Panic to Zen

  • We help individuals connect with their true nature, embrace and transform their fears, and convert their nervousness into positive excitement.
  • Through one on one coaching sessions, as well as group sessions, we discover together the power of our voices, the secrets of body language and we master extremely practical tricks to become Confident Public Speakers™


Talent Development Workshops 

Become the Extraordinary You™

  • We help dreamers, doers and thinkers believe in themselves and follow their true calling. We know that our passions become our mission, and our mission will always find us. So we help ordinary people become extraordinary by accepting, embracing and transforming their missions into their lifestyles.


Leadership Programs 

We believe in leaders that serve and lead by example, because influence and inspiration are stronger than hierarchy and false power. 

  • We create Leadership Workshops. Interactive workshops to help leaders with improve their skill set and master their basic principles of teamwork, conflict resolution, delegation, inspiration, assertive communication, effective planning and strategic thinking.


Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

Diversity and Inclusion towards Belonging and Opportunity

  • We create Multicultural Programs supporting our wonderful diverse workforce and society in general. From a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, to an Afro-Latino Networking event, and from a Women in Finance Conference to a Multi-Generational Communications Seminar.
  • We work with ERGs/BRGs to help plan their annual programming, conduct Development and Engagement Needs to recruit and retain more members committed to the group and to their communities.

How We Improve the World

The Latinista

Since 2012 we’ve been working hand by hand with The Latinista LLC, an amazing organization – founded by Yai Vargas – dedicated to the growth of Professional Women in the United States. Minué has been the Chief Motivation Officer for The Latinista, creating and delivering interactive workshops that are moving the needle and changing people´s …

How we do it


  • One on One Coaching
  • Experiential Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Videos